Can I bring miners I already own?

We call this, Bring-Your-Own-Miner.  BYOM is not only allowed, it’s the most common type of service we offer.

There are some miner types we do not accept but it’s not a long list.  If you have doubts or questions contact us and ask.

How does your pricing work?

We take a miner’s projected electrical utilization and come up with a flat monthly fee.

This fee covers space, support, electricty and some basic maintenance.

It’s important to note that some miners are extremely hard to maintain, these miners typically have a higher support charge associated with them.

What are contract terms?

We offer several contract lengths.

  • 1 Month (month to month)
  • Semi-Annual (6 months)
  • Annual (12 months)
  • 2 Years (24 months)

It’s important to note that for longer term lengths we usually have more aggressive rates.

What happens if a miner requires repair?

There’s plenty of in-house repairs we can perform but many we cannot.   If it is basic such as swapping a PSU, Fan, or a Hashboard, we often do these services in-house for a fee. 

Anything that requires repair to these components will require the miner is sent out for repair.  We will handle the shipping and packaging for a small fee per unit.

Which forms of payments are accepted?

Through our online portal, we accept all major credit cards, crypto, ACH (bank) payments.  We do accept checks but due to the fact that mail transit times can greatly differ, we encourage customers to ONLY choose this method if you’re on a contract length longer than month-to-month.

Can I drop off my miners in person?

Often times, yes.  However, that is not always the case.   Please always check with us and schedule an appointment.  Often times we have projects and pre-existing construction happening.  For safety and insurance purposes we cannot always allow others on site.

Do you offer insurance?

We no longer offer miner insurance. There is however, a partner we like to work with that not only insures your valuable assets, but also will reimburse for losts mining revenue.

For more information please take a look at BitSure:

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